Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Original babyGap Colorful leggings

*photo taken from actual product*

-Size : 5T


100% genuine babyGap

Original babyGap Graphic tee for Boys ( Dino)

*photo taken from Original product*

-Price : RM25

-Size: 3T, 4T

100% original babyGap product

Original babyGap graphic Top for boys ( Big Cheese)

*photo taken from original product*

-Size : 2T, 3T,4T 9 limited stock, grab fast
-Price: RM25
- Original babyGap product

Original babyGap Stripe Polo

*photo taken from original product*

-Inner label
-Price : RM40
- Size 2T,3T
-100% original babyGap

Sesame Beginnings Denim Bermuda Shorts

Another Sesame Beginnings outgrew clothes. It is a pair of denim bermuda shorts. Worn a few times still lookds good , no sight of wash simple because my outing clothes mummy wash all my clothes by hands!

Price : RM8
Size : 3 yrs old ( suitable for kids from 2 yrs to 3 yrs ++) With adjustable waistband.
Still in very good condition, used less than 5 times.

Cotton Candy Cardigan

Mummy told me she bought this when I was still in her tummy :P She tought every girl needs to have a sweet cardigan. Perhaps it is true!

This cardigan sized 12=18 months, cutting is bigger that actual size. I still can fit this cardigan even I am now 3 Yrs ++ ( I am now 16 kg)

Hardly use this cardigan as I am a girl who hate hot! It is still in very perfect condition.

Size : 12-18 months, can be worn up to 3 yrs +

Price : RM7

Brand : p a b ( bought from Parkson One Utama

Perfect in condition, 90% new!


Sesame Beginning Skirt

This is a cute Sesame Beginning Skirt with a shorts inside. I worn it about 5-10 times. Still looks good, color is bright, no sight of wash too.

Size : L ( 2 to 3 yrs old)
Price : RM6

Friday, June 25, 2010

Authentic Esprit White Hat for Girls

I have quite a couple of hats, all outgrew very fast :P

This is a nice hat, 90 % looks new, no sign of stains, mummy washed once before.

Price : RM13

Size: One size ( free size) suitable for girls up to 3 yrs old.

90% looks new, bought from Parkson One Utama, it is genuine Esprit hat!! Worth buying item!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sesame Beginnings Outfits

This is a very cute outfits from Sesame Beginnings. I have quite some clothing from Sesame Beginings, simply because the materials are very good.

Price : RM8
Size: 3 yrs old
Brand : Sesame Beginnings
Condtion : Worn less than 5 times, still in very good condition ( booked )

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sesame Beginnings Spaghetti Top

This is a very cute spaghetti top bought by my aunty. I hardly wear it as I don't like spaghetti top at all. It is still looks as god as new!

Price : RM5
Brand : sesame beginning ( original product bought from Isetan KLCC)
Size : 2 yrs old ( sold)

Poney Pink Pants for Girls 12 months and above

Didn't I tell you I like Pink! This is another pants that I have out grow long time ago. I worn this pants less than 5 times, it is still as good as new.

Price : RM5
Size : M ( for girls 12 months to 2 yrs ++ )
Brand : Poney ( SOLD)

Anakku Pink Long Pant

This is a long pants that I like! With two little dragonfly on it. I worn it less than 5 times then outgrow it already...

Perfect condition, as good as new, grab now!

Size : 12 month
Brand : anakku
Color : Pink
Price : RM5 ( SOLD )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sun screen Swim Suit by Triumph

This is my out grow swim suit, still in very good condition.

price : RM6
Condition : still in very good condition
Size : S ( suitable for girls 18 months to 3 yrs old

Power Puff Girl Long Sleeve Top

This is a very nice top, brand new with tag. Mummy bought this for me but sad to say I don't quite like Power Puff Girl. So now letting go at very cheap price. The top is a new top with its original price tag too.

-Price RM7
-Brand new with tag
-Size 6
- color is fuchsia

Adidas Shoes for Boys

This is a pair of original Adidas shoes hand down from my cousin brother. It is too big for me. Mummy decided to let go at mark down price though it is in perfect condition. So grab it fast!

-Price : RM25
-Size is UK13 ( 21cm long )
-condition : 85% looks new ( SOLD)

Gap Printed Flip Flop / Sandal ( used )

This is a pair of Gap flip flop that mummy bought for my brother. It is so cute. How I wish it is mine! Used once only.

Anywhere my brother is not so use to wear flip flop, his toes is so stubborn as he keeps gripping his toes while trying on the shoes. He refuse to wear the shoes. Mummy no choice but try to let go this pair of shoes here. Retail is RM49, mummy bought it at Gap store in Pavillion during this summer sale started in June ( the sale is still ON!!) So after discount, mummy paid RM29. This is very worth it as mummy need to buy at least 5 items to get the discount.

-Size 9, suitable for boys 2-3 yrs old.
- sole is 17 cm long
-Condition : used once ( original bought from Gap KLCC)
-Price : RM20

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Original Crocs Cayman C10/11

This is another new pair of Crocs.

Size : C10/11
Color : cotton candy
Brand New and 100% original Crocs
price: RM36 ( sold )

New Original Crocs Cinderella Girls Maryjane C10/11

My mummy bought this Crocs for me. I heart it very much. Because of the mark down price mummy get from Crocs ware house sale at Ikano, mummy can't not resist so she bought extra pair think of want to present to my best god sister. Sad to say it is way too big for her. So mummy think of want to let go this pair of Crocs here.

-Size : C10/11
-Price : RM40
Color : Lavendar
Brand new with tag, 100% original Crocs


Baby kiko Shoes

This is a pair of shoes that I have out grow. Mummy purposely bought this shoes to match a gown of mine. I only get to wear this shoes few times only. this is a very sweet and comfy shoes.

- Bought from parkson
-Price : RM 8 only !!
- Worn less than 5 times, still in very good condition.
- Size is 5, 15.5cm length, age 2-2.5 yrs old

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bags/ Slings/ Back pack...

Please feel free to check out my first post, all about bags! There are too many hand down bags from my cousin sister and there are some bags that are still new, never worn before. Do read the items descriptions to know more in details. Grab it fast, price are all mark down, very worth to buy!
Happy shopping.

1. Minnie Back pack

-New, never worn before, Bought from Parkson and retail price was RM60++
-Price : RM22 ( reserved)

2. Halloween bag

- Used only a few times, very good condition.
-Bought from Hong Kong Disneyland
-Price : RM13

3. Doggy Bag

-Worn less than 5 times, super good condition.
- Price : RM12

4. Doggy Bag ( Big)

- Worn a few times only, still in good condition.
- Price :RM15

5. doraemon Bag

-New, never worn before. Bought from Parkson.
-Price : RM7

6. Thomas Bag ( A)

- New, never used before
-Price : RM8

7. Thomas Bag (B)

- New, never worn before

-Price : RM8

8. Nike sling bag

-As goog as new, used less than 3 times. Bought from Parkson.

-price : RM20

9. Princess sling bag

-Used less than 3 times. Original bought from Parkson.

-Price : RM12

10. Barbie Doll Sling

- Brand New, original bought from PArkson.

-Price : RM15

11. Girls Sling bag ( pink)

- As good as new, used once only

-price : RM12

12. Girls Sling Bag ( Blue)

- As good as new, used once only